Knitty gritty's Vickie Howell

There’s a write up about her in the Austin American Statesman’s LifeStyle section today. I didn’t know that she is living in Austin, TX… I thought she was a Californian type. Of course, it looks like she grew up in California and came to Austin with her Texan husband. She’s putting out her own line of natural fiber yarns. Tomorrow is the day that Amy’s episode airs, isn’t it?

Yes :slight_smile: 11am on HGTV. I’ve got it setup on my DVR!

Why did I think she was a single mum? :?? I hear Austin is the cool twin of Portalnd Oregon. She would totally fit in around here. Can’t wait to see Amy tomorrow, got the DVR all set. If anyone needs copies let me know. :cheering:

The article says she’s divorced.

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