Knitty Gritty

Has anyone seen the latesy Knitty Gritty show that has Lily Chin?? She demonstrates a bunch of unusual knitting patterns. Does Lily have a book (or web site) that shows her techniques??? I couldn’t find them anywhere, if they exist (I could only find her “Knitting with Beads” book).

Nah - sorry - no more cable tv here. :verysad:

Isn’t that the DIY show? If so, you could check they’re website.

I checked the DIY site, but the only book that they talk about is Lily’s “Knitting with Beads” book. I wonder if that book would be worth checking out. …etc …etc

Here ya go.


I do know that you can go to the site enlarge all of the techniques that she covered on the show in pdf chart form…That is one of my fave knitty gritty shows…she is awesome!! google her & see what ya get

here’s what i wanna know about Knitty Gritty. I have only ever seen the clips on the website and the stuff that our darling Dustina was so kind to record and send to me (did i ever tell you i finally got to watch that dvd? WUNDRFULLLLLLLLL thank you!!!) and while i really liked it and nearly upgraded my cable right after watching because it was so cool it bugged me that NOBODY on that show seems to knit continental…is there a reason for that or is it just a fluke?

Brendajos I finally set down yesterday and got mine off the tivo LOL JD went to tivo something while I was gone and all the knitty gritty shows were on there from when I made your copy I never did mine… :roflhard:

Its very seldom but they will have someone who will show or do the Cont. method I wish they did it more so I could see how the yarn would fall… The Show Glenn is talking about they did show Cont. knitting in the beginning then switched… And I can’t remeber what show it was on but one did knit that way cause she said she liked producing more than one garment a season teasing the host… Hopefully when the new season starts they will have more… Brendajosos if ya see any episodes you would like I’ll send them off to ya again i have season pass set for knitty gritty although right now they are delted since I set down and got my tape made… kinda sad… loved seeing knitty gritty on my List… :frowning:

All I know about Lily is that a lady on the crochet board I’m on beat her record of Fastest Crocheter in the world. :slight_smile:

You are such a Plethra of information!!! :shock:
You’ve got answers to everything…

No, dear, Google is a plethora of information. I just ask. :wink:

I seen her on a tv talk show last season she crocheted a hat in less than 1/2 hour… Jane kept saying you have time ya have till the end of the show she said don’t need more time and held the hat up WOW :shock:

No, dear, Google is a plethora of information. I just ask. ;)[/quote]

So that’s your secret… And all this time, I thought that you were REALLY smart… :thumbsup:

Being smart includes knowing where to look!