Knitty Gritty

So today I got home from work and decided to watch yesterday’s episode of “Knitty Gritty” that I’d taped on my DVR. This is so random, but I’ve always wondered…

Where do they get “the knitsters”? You know, the 3 random people they have on at the beginning who are knitting a similar project.

Do they just go to LYS’s and ask for volunteers? Are these personal friends of Vickie Howell’s?

I know this is silly, but does anyone know? :teehee:

ppl sign up on i think

Does anyone know what’s up with the HGTV lineup? There was a week of new Knitty Gritty episodes, then nothing. It’s gone. Since I don’t want to shell out another twenty bucks a month to get the package that includes DIY, I’m really bummed! Is this temporary? Permanent?


:oops: Didn’t see the other thread. Haven’t been here for a few days. Please disregard my previous, redundant post!


i was a knitster on an episode in season 2- back then, they advertised on Craig’s List looking for knitters - i don’t know if that is how they still do it

Vickie posted this about HGTV on her blog

Hey all. Some of you have e-mailed about HGTV’s change in programming, so I wanted to give you the scoop. As I think I mentioned before, HGTV was experimenting with having craft programming on their network by airing Knitty Gritty, Uncommon Threads, Craft Lab, B. Original, Scrap Booking and Creative Juices, temporarily. It appears that as of Feb 19th, their 3-hour a day craft block will no longer exists. I encourage you to write HGTV to express your desire to continue seeing our brand of creative programming on their network (and of course, call your cable provider to pester them to put DIY on the base backage of cable). FYI, your letters totally help. The proof being that until Feb. 16th, they’re airing new episodes of Knitty Gritty daily and after Feb. 16th you’ll STILL be able to watch the show MFW mornings at 7am (I know. Early. Just set your Tivos ;-))! Uncommon Threads will be airing at the same time on T&TH.

and here is the link for info how to get on.