Knitty Gritty

The new sseason has started! Just a matter of time before we see Amy, Yeah :cheering:

I :heart: that show. I’m trying to knit the bear I saw on it today for the Mother Bear Project. That is such a cool idea.

Oh! Thanks for telling me! I’ll have to start watching again!

Great… :cheering: I’ll Tivo it now that it’s the new season. I was so bored with all the reruns. Thanks!! :smiley:

That’s right!! I set the TIVO over the weekend when I saw that the episode was NEW, but I forgot to watch it last night. I’ll have to check it out tonight.

What network does it air on? One of the (many) benefits of marrying bndh is that he has FULL cable, as in, more than 19 channels!!! I’m still learning what’s where.

HIS benefits for marrying ME are: I know how to program the VCR, I can fix stuff, and my monthly stash bill will never (I HOPE) be more than his motorcycle payment! tee hee

It’s on DIY. Gotta love full cable!

Dont count your chickens before they knit, Ladybug!! :lol:

That bear was VERY cute…and I LOVE the idea behind that episode as I work for a nonprofit organization.

BUT, [size=1](and I HATE feeling cynical)[/size] I thought Vickie was tilting her head a little too much and using an overly sympathetic voice every time she said the word “charity”. It reminded me of the South Park episode with the Hybrid cars… people would tilt their head, close their eyes and say “greaaaat”.

:oops: :rofling: :oops:

Drat! I forgot to watch. :mad:

Hah! I can just picture Vickie doing that “charity” thing, Kelly. :lol:

When are the new episodes on? I have Tivo set to New episodes only and the only one it taped was the felted bag ep from Saturday with the girl from The Breeders :thinking: :thinking:

I messed up and deleted it from my tivo thought it was a repeat :rollseyes: they will reshow it on Saturday though so need to go set my tivo for it :lol: … I liked the first show with the purse too I had never tried the Swiss Darning… I had never tried that again but after the show I did and really liked it…

Thanks for the heads up!

Oh thank goddess I thought it was just me! OK I feel better about this now :thumbsup:

Hmm it said it was part of the 400 (402 to be exact)series. I didn’t think that was the new series? Can someone help me out? Thanks!


Well I set my Tivo to tape the show. It comes on here twice a day. Once at 11:30 than again at 2:00. I sat down and watched the first show and its an OLD repeat again. So I deleted it. Will have to wait until this afternoon to see what the second show is. :oops:

Okay, I’m back and the second show was a different show but it too was another repeat.

Just keep us all posted when the new ones begin…can’ t wait!! :happydance:

As far as I know, I only have 2 new shows on my DVR (TIVO thingy). I haven’t watched them yet - just checked to see if they were actually new before deleting.

What member of the Breeders was on? I love the Breeders.

I don’t get DIY :frowning:

I have standard cable (80 or so channels), but i’m too cheap to pay for digital cable so i guess it’s my own fault.

OK so the first show (401) was last week. It had Kelly Deal from the Breeders on knitting a felted bag. (Her sister is Kim Deal from the Pixies). then the second show (402) was knitting for charity with the cute (and super easy) teddy bear, a bag with the breast cancer logo thingy on it and a cap for babies. But this whole week has a bunch of repeats mixed in with the new episodes. I don’t know when the 3rd (403) comes on. Probably later in july.

Oh yeah - duh, I forgot she used to sell some of the things she knit while on tour. I never did get one of her purses - they were cute! [size=1]kicking self now[/size]

I don’t think TiVo got that charity one… :thinking:
:mad: Bad TiVo!! :mad: