Knitty Gritty

I just read on Vicky Howell’s blog that new episodes will be airing in July!!!WOOHOO!!! FInally we’ll get to see Amy on TV!!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Fantastic!!! It’s about time they start airing some new episodes!

:cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

:smiley: It’s about time…I think they should begin the new ones, I don’t know…NOW :thumbsup:

How cool! I need to start watching.

Did y’all see the hat under the announcement? I am so sorry, but I think that hat has got to be the most, um, er interesting hat ever.

:thumbsup: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

What hat? :??

wish I could get this in the UK =/

Hey Jan,

Just page down a bit from this link.

:thinking: yeah, I don’t think I like the hat, personally.

There are some bizarre hats there for sure, but you said under the announcement which I see at the end of the page with no hats. :lol:

Sorry I wasn’t precise.