Knitty Gritty will be on HGTV soon

Was just reading VH’s blog and seen this:

“This just in…as of November 27th, Knitty Gritty will begin airing on Mondays on HGTV at 11amET/10amCT/8amPT. Tune in for Season 2 repeats AND never been aired Season 5 episodes! This is an awesome opportunity for the show to be seen by those who don’t have digital cable or satellite television.
Oh, and as always, Knitty Gritty will continue to air daily on DIY Network.”

this is sooo wonderful for those of us who don’t get the DIY channel!! :cheering: :happydance:

I get DIY, but I’m never home when it’s on. And I won’t be home when it’s on HGTV, either. :pout:

woohoo!! I can’t wait. :slight_smile: We had a free preview of DIY for about a month & I fell in love with that show.

I just moved back in with my parents and the cable in this town doesn’t have DIY OR HGTV. I’m going to miss Knitty Gritty. :frowning:

Good!!! We’ll all be able to see Amy’s epiode then!!! :happydance:

YAY!!! i hate it evey time i see it on the guide that i don’t DIY :happydance:

I have been taping it via DVR every day anticipating Amy’s episode but have not seen it yet. :shrug: Anyone know the date or even the week that it will air?

Yay! I’ve been wanting to watch Knitty Gritty, but don’t have DIY.

girl you need to get yourself a VCR!!

Amy’s episode is in the 600 series; those episodes have not started airing yet. The second half of the 500 series have not even been scheduled yet, so it may be a while. :pout:

Thanks, at least now I know I won’t miss it while we are moving!

girl you need to get yourself a VCR!![/quote]

We have two. I’ve never been able to program them properly since we got DirectTV. I think having the Satellite confuses the VCRs.

That’s what DVRs are for!

Mom won’t buy one, and I’m too po’ (See: I still live at home.)

What is knitty Gritty? I am obsessed with HGTV!

that doesnt help me, i’ll be at school :wall:

I wish they would sell it to the UK - I think it would be brilliant for BBC2!

I don’t know which cable service you have, but we can use our cable remote control to “record” shows for later viewing. I have Knitty Gritty set to tape every day. I can watch the shows whenever I wish and keep t hem however long I want as well.

If Knitty Gritty is going HGTV, I can drop digital cable finally! :happydance:

Nothing to say just wanted to boost this post back to the top so people wouldn’t forget to check it out. I’m watching TV guide channel now to see if it is on here.