Knitty Gritty on HGTV

I just found out KG is going to be on HGTV Friday (9/26) morning 6:30 a.m. EST.

Does anyone know if this is a weekly schedule or what?

Unfortunately it’s still reruns. :shock:

yes its weekly thing on friday mornings.

I didn’t know this! I have missed it not being on DIY network any longer. I have a slew of them taped. I am happy to know this. Thanks!

:waving:I’m in the exact same boat, so I’m very happy to have even just reruns on HGTV!

Thank you for mentioning this show. i had no idea it was on and now programmed the recording on my dvr :slight_smile:

It’s been on friday’s every week since it went off of DIY.

cool, thanks for the info.

I am so missing this show! I wish I had kept all of the TiVos of the shows because now I only get my knit fix once a week! :frowning: But Vickie says (on her blog) that she is almost getting the itch to do another show… (Check out the comments on her post.) Crossed Fingers Crossed Fingers :pray: :pray:

These are reruns, right? I wish they’d make some new ones!

I’ll have to check if we get this show on HGTV in the Toronto area. If so, I’ll be setting up the PVR to tape them weekly as I’ve never seen the show.

They cancelled the show when Scripps-Howard decided to go with a more DIY, home-improvement program line-up. They feel their demographic is retired men and decided to get rid of alot of the craft shows.

AWESOME!!! I love that show…and Vicky rocks it:yay:

Friday mornings at 6:30?! :doh: Some of us just don’t have Tivo or have to run out the house to get our kids to school. I really wish they played this show more often and get some new episodes. Don’t they know that we have been anxiously waiting???

My DVR is set to record any and all KG; I watch when I can and delete (even though I’ve kept some of them). I hope she puts together another show.