Knitty Gritty not on HGTV anymore?!

I tuned in to watch Knitty Gritty today and yesterday as usual and to my dismay, HGTV is no longer showing Knitty Gritty nor any of their other crafty shows! I’m SO sad! Does anyone know why? Or if this is temporary?


Knitty Gritty is on Mon, Wed, and Fri at 7am now… on Tues and Thurs I think uncommon threads is on… but they no longer do the 3hr craft block like before…

Ack!!! I just noticed this too! That means I’d have to get up at 6 AM to watch knitty gritty! So sad… :verysad:

Aw man! I’ll never be able to see it! Seven o’clock is Sesame Street! Oh well, it was nice while it lasted! Thanks for letting me know!


I have my DVR set to record new shows regardless of the time. If you can do that you’ll never miss them!

[color=indigo]True about HGTV. :verysad: But it is showing on DIY at 2:00 EST.


It totally throws off my relaxing morning coffee break. :verysad:

Ok, I live in Central Florida…I’ve heard of Knitty Gritty, but for some reason, I didn’t think we get it here? Do we? And if so, what channel is it on, and what time? I get up at 6am every weekday because I have to be at work for 7:30, so I’d love to watch a knitting show in the mornings! :slight_smile:

Me too! The DVR is king! Or queen I guess! :teehee:

I noticed that, too. How depressing. My daughter is going to be upset. She loved all those craft shows. Whenever she had a day off school, she would watch them all!

Missy, Knitty Gritty is a craft show specifically about knitting, hosted by Vicky Howell. I am in MA and here it’s on the HGTV channel (Home and Garden TV I’m guessing). I don’t know if you have that one in Florida? You could call your cable company for info. Good luck, it’s a fun show and I’ve learned a lot of techniques and tricks from it!

Oohhhh!!! We get Home and Garden! LOL, I’m such a dork, I didn’t know that HGTV stood for Home and Garden TV. :doh:

Thanks for the info!! But I just now realized that it comes on at 7am, not 6am. And I leave for work at 7am. :verysad: