Knitty Gritty Marathon

I just saw that DIY is having a Knitty Gritty marathon. Starting at 4:30est and going until 2:30am!! I wonder if my TIVO can handle taping all of them??! :happydance:

its starting in 8 minutes.

i’ll have to miss most of it though, i’ve got a ton of homework (boooo, homework! :teehee: )

watch for me on the “mixing yarns” episode from season 2

i was one of the knitsters - i am the chubby gal in the bright pink shirt

oh jelly, I will watch for you!! :cheering: :cheering: How did you get to be a knitster??

they advertised on Craig’s List and a friend forwarded the ad to me - so i emailed them and they asked a few questions about my skill levels and told me what day to show up

it was SO MUCH FUN - everyone was super nice - and the lion brand rep that was the guest didn’t want to pack all her yarn samples for the flight home, so she let us raid her stash after the show - i got a great tote and loads of free yarn from her

Yay! :cheering: Am watching this… what fun… first time I’ve seen Knitty Gritty on TV :slight_smile:

that sounds like the best trip ever!

I am recording some of them on our TiVo :slight_smile: .

I have already posted this ~~ but :waah: :waah:
I had to work~!!

What’s going on??? :pout: :pout: