Knitty Gritty "alternative" socks

I saw an episode over the summer where the guests was showing the viewers an alternate way to make socks… different from the traditional top-down or toe-up. I tried searching the DIY site, but OMG there are SOOOO many episodes that revolve around socks! :eyes:

Anyone seen this episode? I remember the woman wrote a book about her different method (shame on me for not remembering her name!)


Are you thinking of the Cat Bordhi episode. If so, that episode is titled: “Coriolis Sock” episode no. DKNG-701. HTH.

Thanks for the info! That isn’t it, but I’m definitly intrigued by that little square toe thing!

I love that square toe thing, too.

I don’t remember any Knitty Gritty episode like you describe, though. It does remind me of the article about knitting 2 socks at once on dbl pt needles, one inside the other sort of. That couldn’t be what you remember, is it??

I am in total denial that there are even more ways to knit socks. I really don’t want to be tempted into writing more sock tutorials! :teehee:

Nope, that’s not it Marilyn, thanks though! That’s on my list too.

:teehee: Sil