Knitty Gifts--what'd you get?

So, since we all know it’s really about presents and how then can perpetuate our obsession… uhh, HOBBY :shifty: I thought it would be fun to see what knitty/crafty presents everyone received for the winter holidays we all celebrate :slight_smile:

1.The Knitting Experience “the knit stitch” (great since I already have 2 and I hink someone else got me 3
2.The Knitting Answer Book (this is AWESOME!)
3. The stitch and Bitch Design journal which I already own! So I’ll be exchanging it for The 2006 Knitting Pattern a day Calendar
4. A Hugamola $50 cift certificate for Knitpicks!!! (yippeee!!!)

And the best gift for any knitter…
Knitting a last minute hat for an emergency gift and having EVERYONE say “ooo, can you make me one too!!!” :cheering:

Ohhh lets see…

I got:
sizes 13 and 5 24in circulars
Knitting loom(I have no idea what it is :shock: )
4 pairs of what appears to be size 2 bamboo knitting needles
sizes 9 and 11 straight knitting needles
And lastly, two skeins of yarn in a pretty green color and then in a multi color

I also got some crochet hooks(verrrry nice ones too) in plastic and steel ones to make doilies and other things. I was actually pleased about this… but I’m still trying to figure out what in the world and knitting loom is and how to use it :shock:

I hope everyone had a merry christmas! :cheering: :smiley:

Well I didn’t get anything :frowning: . I guess I started to knit too late after names were exchanged and gifts were already purchased. I had a hard enough time trying to get my family into craft stores to buy me gifts so all of my gifts were kitchen related.

Thanks for the links on the books though. Hopefully by next year I will have nicely made gifts for my friends and family, even if they are all scarves :cheering: . I may be able to convince somebody to buy me some books online though, that seemed to work this year.

Dad ordered me the pattern a day calendar, but it’s been backordered for weeks. I’ll get it eventually, though, and then I’ll get to catch up. :smiley:

I think I’ve seen a thread here once about them, and I know I’ve seen several threads at Crafster about it. Try doing a Google for “Knifty Knitter” and see what comes up.

Thanks Nicole! I will try that. It came with a book, but I’m still confused :oops:

[color=darkblue]I got the book Knitting School, a ball winder and a $25 gift card to Joann’s. :slight_smile:
My non knitting gifts is a Janome 300 Embroidery Machine and tons of supplies. :slight_smile:

I got a LYS GC from my Secret Santa at work… that’s it. :frowning:

I am getting the Sensational Knitted Socks book <YAY!>. We had to order it from Amazon, so it will get here around mid-Jan… :smiley:

I have been eyeing off the SnB design book, but I don’t think he got the hint… lol… :smiley:

My DH and sons got me 4 skeins of sock yarn, a needle sizer thingy, the 365 knitting stitches a year calendar, the Yarn Harlot book, and each of my boys picked out a skein of yarn for me. They both chose a kind of eyelash type fun-furrish thing- one is orange/yellow, the other blue.

One of the women that I babysit for gave me $50, with the directions that it is to be used at the yarn store, for a project to make for myself. I think I can do that!! :cheering:

i got my denise needles and one of the things i am getting with my christmas money is the Pink Tweed Jordana Paige bag.

My mother’s note in the check said “I would like you to save half, XX for car payments (she knows i want to just pay it off), and the rest is for yarn.”

umm…i have a very good ability to buy yarn but the number she has in her head is even more than i can spend on one trip! silly momma!

oooh and i will be hitting the Personal Threads sale at lunch on Tuesday with some of the money too!

I got a $100 for my LYS. It will be used during their January sale! :happydance:

I got SOCK YARN!! The simple stripes sampler from KP, some Essential in black, the Magic Loop and Socks Soar on 2 Circular Needles books, and three sets of bamboo dpns - all from my mommy!! DH had already given me my gift of 2 pairs of Lantern Moon needles. I’s a happy knittin girl!

! got 3 pounds of yarn. :heart: :heart: Mill ends of Patons Allure, I think. Feels very nice and squooshy. I also got an excited little brother when I gave him the HP scarf, which I finished minutes before he arrived.

I didn’t get anything knitting {or crafting} related. :crying: I’m hoping to cure that tomorrow. I’m gonna ask DH to meet me at work when we open at 7 {since I work tonight :frowning: }, pick up a package of ½ price wrap and tape for next year, some new rechargable batteries since our old ones won’t hold a charge, and a bunch of Christmas yarn. Then I want to drag him over to Rams and see if I can still get that set of Denise’s he was looking at. If nothing else, I’d like to get myself a 12" 4.5 mm Addi circ to make the youngest a mini-HP scarf, a thrummed mittens kit, wool for felting, and maybe a FT pattern or three. :smiley:

I got ([size=2]myself… [color=red]hee hee[/color][/size]) a personalized t-shirt. This is it right here.
I love it!
I got my friend Margot one too.

Well… I got the knitters Bible! But it came a couple of weeks ago seperately and I opened it and didn’t realize it was a gift from my mother in law. So althought I have had it for a couple of weeks now it was one of my gifts.

I bought MYSELF some circ needles yesterday :sunglasses:

Yipee! I got my Denise Interchangeable needles! DH made me open them last. *I’ve opened my pretty box several times today to pet my needles–like it was a new puppy. :lol:

I was hoping for a whopping certificate from knitpicks–but, didn’t get one. Instead DH got me a $50 gift certificate for Barnes & Noble! :happydance: So, I’ll buy some knitting books and sneak in a couple of balls of yarn after christmas. so, all & all I got everything I wanted :wink:


I got the 2006 pattern-a-day calendar (a few weeks ago actually!), Nicky Epstien’s Knitting Over the Edge, a Circular Solutions circular needle organizer, some stitch holders and yarn bobbins (in my stocking :mrgreen:), and two gift certificates to a great LYS that just happens to be having a huge sale this week! :happydance:

But actually…my best gift was the one at the top of my list…a GPS unit! We’re goin’ geocaching! Woo!! :smiley:

me too!

i can’t stop looking at it today. :inlove:

how do you like it?