Knitty Fish Hat

Hi Ladies!!

I showed a picture of the Fish Hat on Knitty to my nephew and he loved it! And, I really want to make it for him! The pattern says you should knit it on DPNs and I was wondering if it would make any difference if I did it as Magic Loop instead. The only thing I am worried about is the Wrap and Turn’s - Can you do that?

I did make a pair of fingerless gloves that I adapted to magic loop not long ago and I just left a slit in it for the thumb and did 4 rows of knitting flat instead of keeping the round joined. So, I know that can be done, I just didn’t know if it was going to be more complicated with the whole wrapping thing - what exactly does that mean??


I can tell you what wrapping is–when you do short rows, you wrap the first stitch to prevent a hole in your knitting. (There is a video for this on the advance techniques page.) Someone else will have to answer the ML question though. :slight_smile:

That hat cracks me up everytime I see it!

I’m not a magic looper, but I don’t see why you couldn’t do the short rows with ML.

I dunno. I find for me it’s kind of somewhere between cracking me up and freaking me out… :think:

/thread hijack…

If you know how to get ML to work so you can work back and forth like you were knitting flat you should be okay because that is what the wrap and turn part is. You are working short rows which means you don’t work all the way to the end of a round but turn in the middle and work in the other direction. You keep doing that. It says to wrap and turn but the wrap part is to keep a hole from happening, but then the directions say you don’t pick up the wraps and don’t need to because that part won’t show anyway. That makes me wonder if you even need to “wrap” or could just turn and not worry about the wrap.

I find that when I’m knitting with thin yarn at a fairly tight gauge (such as with socks) that wrapping isn’t necessary.

Thanks guys! I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to mess it up, and I think I will be okay. And, I guess if I get stuck, then I will post again and frog if necessary!! :slight_smile:

Oh - I think the hat is a cross between creapy as all get out and hysterical, but it is better than the cupcake hat he wanted originally. I just can’t give a 13 year old boy a cupcake hat!! :slight_smile: