Toe Up Sock Row 6 Help

I’m on Row 6 of the Universal Toe Up Sock Pattern and I’m stuck.

[I][I]Row 6[/I] [RS]: K to first wrapped st, k wrapped st, W&T. [/I]

I understand how to knit to the first wrapped st, but I don’t understand after that. I know how to do the wrap but the directions are a bit confusing:

[I]When wrapping stitches at turning points of short rows which follow, note that stitches will now have two wraps; these stitches will be referred to as double-wrapped stitches. When working a double-wrapped stitch on a subsequent row, pick up both wraps and work them together with the stitch which had been wrapped.[/I]

[I][B]Working Wraps Together with Wrapped Stitches:[/B]
When working rows which follow short rows, work the “wraps” at the turning points of the short rows, together with the stitches they wrap, as follows:[/I]
[I][U]When working a RS row:[/U] Knit to wrapped stitch. Slip next stitch from left needle to right needle, use tip of left needle to pick up “wrap” and place it on right needle, insert left needle into both wrap and stitch, and knit them together.[/I]
[I][U]When working a WS row:[/U] Purl to wrapped stitch. Slip next stitch from left needle to right needle, use tip of left needle to pick up “wrap” and place it on right needle, slip both wrap and stitch back to left needle, purl together through back loops.[/I]

Do I knit the wrapped st, then w&t the next st on the left needle? I don’t get it. Is there a video of how to do this row somewhere? I’ve looked all over the internet and can’t find anything that seems like it is for this pattern.


Yes, you knit the wrapped stitch and then wrap the next stitch on the left needle and turn your work.

Have you seen the video on this site under advanced techniques called Short Row with Wrap? That might help.

Thanks. Do I need to pick up the wrap on that knit st and knit them together? Or do I knit the st as is before I w&t the next sts?

Yes, I did watch the video but it was confusing. Not sure why. I understood how to do it but when I tried to apply it to the sock pattern I got more confused.

You knit to the wrapped stitch, slip your needle into the wrap knitwise, then knit the stitch and the wrap together. Then you slip your next stitch onto your needle, wrap and turn.

It’s really pretty simple. Once you do it a couple of times, you should have it down.

Here’s a tutorial I found this morning that may help: Short Row Heels and here’s another: Short Row Heels. Here’s one more for good measure: Short Row Heels.

I don’t think they all pick up their wraps quite the same but find the way that works for you and stick with it.

Good luck!

Oh perfect. That’s the part I wasn’t sure about (if I needed to pick the wrap up or not). The directions on the pattern are not very clear to me on that.

Thanks again or all your help!