Knitty calorimetry pattern question

heyyyyy my name is melissa and i’ve been hanging around the message board for a little bit but this is my first post. i’ve noticed that a few of you have successfully knitted the calorimetry head scarf thingy from knitty. i REALLY want to try it also but i’m having a hard time figuring out what weight yarn the pattern suggests using. maybe i’m just blind but i don’t think it says what the weight of the yarn is. if someone could help me out i would greatly appreciate it! thanks!

Here is a link that will help find a substitute. Look in the right hand corner for a link to substitutions.
look here

:oops: I just picked a yarn I liked and went from there… :rofl: on the website posted above it says its a chunky heavy worsted weight yarn so anything like that should work… I used this didn’t have any problems… I didn’t CO as many and just kinda guessed how wide to go… I wear mine everyday going up to the bus stop… :happydance:

I’ve read at two or three different blogs that people have made it and were disapointed in how big it turned out; that they had to redo it with less cast on stitches.

I made it and sent it to my dd, along with matching armwarmers out of the same yarn. She told me she loves it, but I’m thinking now she just didn’t want to hurt my feelings, 'cause she’s a tiny petite thing, with a small head. :??

thanks so much guys for the tips, i’m so excited to try making it…i think it looks so cute!