Knitty Blackberry Pattern HELP!

Hi! I’m knitting the new Knitty Blackberry sweater. I have a really simple question. On the part that says Shape Armholes the pattern reads to BO 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows. My question is on the first row that I’m binding off what do I do with the rest of the sts??? I’m thinking I should purl them and then on the next row I should knit the remaining sts after binding off. Someone please help!

Also, the beginning of the pattern says to beg witha RS row, work 4 rows in reverse stockinette st. Does that mean that I begin with Knit and then p,K,p,K? Or, do I start with Purl and then K,P,K. I’m confused since it says start with RS and work in reverse.

On the first row, you bind off 4 stitches, then complete the rest of the row as usual, then on the second row bind off 4 stitches and complete the row, be it knit or purl or whatever to keep with the rest of the garment.

Reverse stockinette stitch has the purls on the outside and the knits on the inside. So if they tell you to begin with the right side in reverse st st, you would purl because that would be the right side.

Thanks so much for the help!!!