Has anyone ordered from this site? I ordered the pattern for felted clogs and yarn to go with on Sunday. I got a confirmation email and when I checked the status of my order yesterday via the link they sent me, I found the site was down. Today the site is back up, but when I try to login and see my order, I am unknown!

I sent them an email this morning and haven’t heard back yet, but was just curious if anyone out there has had any experience (good or bad) with this site.

I’ve ordered from them previously with no problems, but like you I tried to place an order yesterday and couldn’t get onto their site. Will try again later.

The Knitting Zone is one of my LYSs! :slight_smile: They’re wonderful–I’m not sure what’s up at the moment, but typically their customer service is excellent.

I got an email from them yesterday “Welcome to knitting zone” which is a repeat of the one I originally got when I registered. I assume they were re-loading everything. Then I got another email with a tracking link for my shipment (yay!).

So it appears they are getting back on track! Glad to hear that others have found them to be reliable (phew!).