KnittingHelp Monthly Challenge - September

This month’s challenge will be…

A [B]COLORWORK[/B] project!

Colorwork has many outlets. There are 3 ways of incorporating 2 colors in your knitting, besides basic stripes.

Stranded Knitting
Intarsia Knitting
Slip Stitch knitting

Many of you might think that Fair Isle and stranded knitting are interchangeable. They really arent. Fair Isle knitting is done with shetland wool, in the round with steeks, using traditional patterns. Stranded knitting is anything that uses 2 colors carried across the row at once. So, in other words, a fair isle project can be stranded, but a stranded project can not necessarily be a Fair Isle. See?

Anyway, stranded knitting takes 2 colors around at once. Intarsia is knitting isolated blocks of color, and slip stitch knitting only uses one color at once, but slips stitches from the previous row to keep those stitches that color.

There are few designs available for free off the internet, but here are a few:

You can find some at and on, there is a “Fearless Fair Isle” that uses jumperweight shetland wool. There are also a number of stranded hat and sock patterns at KPC and other sites.

Look in the Advanced Techniques tab for videos on Stranded and Intarsia videos, they’re very helpful, and even show [I]purling[/I] with stranding, which I wouldn’t dream of, it’s very awkward.

I’m sorry to say that I won’t be joining in on this one. I have so many other things to work on, like Christmas presents. But, you might use this challenge to knit gifts for whatever holiday you celebrate!

:whoosh: I’ll think I’ll sit this one out! I haven’t mastered stripes yet!

Good luck everyone!

what a great challenge! i was thinking of knitting the rosedale from knitty!
i haev to sit this out too, cause i can;t afford to buy the wool! :pout:

Nobones- Please don’t sit this one out becasue you think it’s too hard! Stranded knitting is incredibley easy when you do simpler patterns, like diamonds, squares, and triangles! And intarsia is simple, too! Please give it a try, and you’ll find it’s very simple!

Here is a small bag to knit and also a video clip on how to do Fair Isle

I love the fake isle hat from magknits- that was one of my favorite things I’ve made

does the purlsoho cardigan count as color work? i lucked out and got 6 cones of pure wool ( i am pretty sure they are full, 1300 yard cones too!) for about $12! i am thinking of knitting the cardi in slate blue and bone, or brown like the original…i also have a verigated cone, so maybe the brown and bone with the verigated for the cuffs and borders…?

I’m taking a class on intarsia the middle of this month - so I should have something to contribute! I’ll be keeping my eye on this thread in preparation for the class :wink: Can’t wait to see what people choose to do…

I’ve been wanting to make the snowflake socks…maybe I can get everything finished and start them… or
Norwegian Mittens (May) by Elizabeth Zimmermann…:happydance:

Ooooh, I’m SO in for this September, too! It’ll be a real challenge to finsih the whole pair of argyle socks before September is over with my crazy busy school schedule, but it’ll a great way to remember that I need to take time out to focus on my knitting. These Monthly KALs are so awesome!!!

The Purlsoho does count as colorwork!

I’ve been wanting to make the snowflake socks from Fall IK too! As a matter of fact, I’ve got the yarn and I started swatching, but then I got distracted by the Nomad Hat and Scarf for my daughter. Let’s see if I can finish that and then do the socks…of course I also started swatching for the Tilted Duster… I think I have knitting ADD :teehee:


i was thinking of doing the vest (opposite the snowflake socks) but in a worsted yarn, not bulky. so more math :slight_smile: ( i figured i am bulky enough, no need to add more bulk :rofl: )

I haven’t done a monthly challenge yet…I have been wanting to do argyle socks…SO…HERE I AM!!!
Colorwork here I come!

Oh I am definitely all about this month’s challenge! Technically I’ve already started my project, but I need a little push and I would like to get it done this month. I’m working on a color work baby blanket. I’ll take some pictures of it this evening when I get out of class!

Can I join in with this project? I’ve already started it, but I’ve only got one row of hearts done.

ADAllen that is just adorable:woohoo:Where did you get the pattern?

Join in anytime, no matter what!

a kal button

This is the pattern I used. I made the adjustments to make it color work instead of textured, and hopefully, I did all of it right, because it’s my first color work project.