KnittingHelp Monthly Challenge - January

This month’s challenge is a little different. It’s not a project, per se, but it is focusing on…


This month, we’ll be making a list of our knitting new year’s resolutions and then beginning projects that coincide with that list. For example, if your resolution is to try to knit lace, then cast on a lace project. If your resolution is to finish everything you start, finish all your WIP’s (you don’t have to).

Let’s start with listing our resolutions:

  1. Finish what I start

  2. Actually follow through with what I [I]say[/I] I’ll make for someone

  3. Knit a case for my new iPod

  4. Knit more stranded work.

  5. Knit from yarn I already have , instead of buying more (yeah, we’ll see how long this lasts)

  6. Finally knit a hat (nope, I’ve never knit a hat)

  7. Knit another sweater from [I]Fishermen’s Sweaters[/I].

  8. Come up with some better challenges.

I wish all of you (and myself) very good luck, and hope you have a pleasant and successful 2008! I’d like to thank you all for putting up with some of my not-so-good challenges, and thanks for letting me do them in the first place.

I’m in on this one.

  1. Finish things that I’ve already started, including weaving in ends and blocking, and adding buttons where necessary.

  2. If I start something new, keep it small and simple.

  3. Use the incredible yarn I have rather than just buying even more incredible yarn.

  4. If I think some of this incredible yarn will make an incredible scarf, but I have enough for a sweater, knit the scarf if I want. I can make lots of incredible scarves for gifts, as well! I don’t need a hand-knit sweater for everyday of the winter, fercrissakes!

I am in.

  1. Knit from stash.

  2. Knit more socks.

  3. Only ONE major project at a time. (this one will be hard for me)

OK, I’m in …

  1. Knit more from stash
  2. Learn lace knitting
  3. Learn to make socks

I"m sure there’s more - I’ll add to it as I think of things.

I’m in :slight_smile:

  1. Stash bust…do projects that use up my stash

  2. Knit my first pair of socks

  3. Knit my first sweater

  4. Learn how to make cables

  5. Never leave an UFO

I am in this too.

  1. Finish the odd items that are/were Christmas gifts that due to unexpected circumstances I couldn’t finish (mostly the blanket and finger puppets)

  2. Figure out what I am doing wrong with dpns and get further than 2 inches completed on Phil’s ties. DPN’s are a nightmare for me still. These were for Christmas too, but I have frogged them about 40 times, because I am learning new skills.

  3. Find a project that uses 150 yards of yarn that I like or a way to add the pure alpaca yarns to something to make a project I have a feeling this is going to end up being very very tricky.
    pic of the 2 hanks of natural alpaca yarn -

  4. Real UFO : poncho - needs to be completed and mailed to my friend along with the baby blanket.

I think I’ll start with that much, rather than overloading myself for the month. :slight_smile:

ooo i like this. i have been thinking about conquering some of my ‘knitting fears’. so here goes:

  1. i must make somthing for myself.
  2. attempt somthing bigger than a pair of socks
  3. stop being so scared of colour work and give it a go
  4. sit down and actually plan what i am going to knit before i start knitting.

with that in mind i am going to find a top or sweater pattern i like and save up to buy the yarn for it! that helps with number 1 and 2 :yay:

Yes I am definitely in.

  1. Finish all projects I have hidden away!!

  2. Have a go at felting.

  3. Knit lots more socks!!

  4. Buy some Malibrigo yarn (LYS getting it in very soon) Hooray!

  5. Continue to keep stash well stocked (just in case we get snowed in)!!

OH MAN, could I come up with a LIST!!!

  1. STASH BUST, for sure. I have a yarn buying ILLNESS and need to get it under control before DH starts to control it for me!!!

  2. LOTS AND LOTS of baby things. Did I happen to mention I’m going to be a GRANDMOTHER in the late summer:woot:

  3. Learn more cable patterns so I can maybe, someday, in the future knit an ARAN sweater!!!

I’m totally game for this one. Here go my resolutions:

  1. Make Christmas stockings for next year using multiple colours (I’ve never done multi-colour knitting before).

  2. Make a baby sweater for my new niece/nephew for the fall. This will help me conquer my fear of sweaters.

  3. Bust the stash - Why does it never seem to get smaller???

I’m in.

  1. Going to finish off a pair of socks i started a YEAR ago. Yes you heard me a year ago. I suffered from some SSS on tis pair.

  2. going to knit, block, sew seams and add buttons to my second sweater and have it done by Jan 31st.

  3. Use up the yarn I got for christmas BEFORE I go buy more. you would be amazed at how far $100 goes expecially when stuff is on sale.

  4. finish my entralac scarf and get it blovked to be worn before it get warma again.

I’m sure I can stick to this some what reasonable list of things. I’ve also got 2 crochet projects that need to get done before Feb.16th but I’m making good time on those.

OK I`m in too…

  1. Finish that last 7 foot scarf for my DD. It is half done right now.

  2. Now that I have all the supplies and Silver`s cute little knitting bag ready, I want to learn to knit socks. My goal was to learn to knit in the round in 2008.

  3. Finish the Cameo Shell Stitch Shawl I CO the last day of 2007., which was part of my swap package from my wonderful swapper. This may or may not get finished, depending on how I do on that last scarf I am procrastinating on.

  4. I now have two more people wanting scarfs but I am not sure if I will get to them this month or not. I have the yarn in my stash for one of them. I highly doubt I`ll get these done in January though, because I am soooo sick of scarves right now!

Wow! Good luck to everybody!

I’m in on this one, too.

[li][U]Knit from my Stash[/U]-Which I’ve already started. I’m working on a winter hat from some yarn in my stash.[/li][li][U]Have no more than 4 WIPs at a time (including quick instant gratification projects).[/U] I have to have more than one thing going for the times I get bored with one project, but I’m getting dangerously close to always wanting to start new things when the old things are not finished, so I need to set a limit on how many things I have going on the needles at once and not start new ones until I’ve finished the old ones.[/li][li][U]Learn to Knit 2 Socks at the same time.[/U] To avoid SSS. I’ve come close to that myself.[/li][li][U]Learn to Knit a toe up sock with a gusset heel. [/U] I found a pattern, so it can be done, and I just have to pick it apart and do the math to make work with my yarn and gauge.[/li][li][U]Learn to knit lace.[/U][/li][li][U]Learn Magic Loop.[/U][/li][li][U]Learn Fair Isle/Stranded Knitting. [/li][/U]
[li][U]Knit more sweaters.[/li][/U][/ol]

  1. knit from stash
  2. knit 4 shawls (i need to have these done as gifts for January 2009 when we meet up with the tribe to celebrate yule)
  3. knit at least ONE THING for myself! (I’m really bad about this… i never even crocheted anything for myself and i knew how for 18 years!)

Finishing last year’s projects is a great way to start the new year. I currently have 2 knit projects OTN:

Clogs for my DH - Nearly finished.
Dog Sweater for my friend’s dog Buddy - This is more challenging.

Non-knitting items include the crochet jacket for me - Really just have to learn to pick up stitches for the sleeves then I’ll be on my way again. And there’s the pile of material I’ve been collecting for some sewing projects.

In 2008 I’d like to
[li]1. Use more stash yarn[/li][li]2. Buy yarn only for specific projects and actually [I]do[/I] them[/li][li]3. Knit more from patterns (see #4)[/li][li]4. Learn to read those crazy looking X, /, ^ patterns[/li][*]5. Knit a pair of socks[/ol]I’m sure it can be done! Unfortunately I spend too much time looking at what others are making!

Mine are very simple:

Knit more Elizabeth Zimmermann. I’ve knitted up her EPS sweater, and several Baby Surprise Sweaters, and one of her afghans, and I think that’s it. Considering how much I adore her (and randomly quote her to knitters & non-knitters alike), it’s time I make more EZ! I’m working an adult Surprise Sweater right now, I’m planning a second EPS sweater, and I’m planning a kangaroo sweater. I also want to do some of her hats, socks, and mittens, and we’ll see what else falls off of my needles!

My other half of my plan is to try to keep only 2 or 3 current WIPs on th eneedles. I started this last year, and did OK half the year, and horrible the other half. My stress level is much better when I only have a few projects on the needles! I ignore UFOs, cause they are, you know, UFOs, and only count projects I’m actively thinking or working on.

This sounds like a great idea!

  1. Finish or frog current projects before starting anything else.

  2. Knit from stash, and only from stash, unless it’s for a charity project & I don’t have the yarn.

  3. See how well that Knitting Pattern Generator works. :rofl: One way or the other, I’ve got some ideas kicking around in my head, and I’d like to see them in yarn! (But not til the UFOs are done!)

  4. Limit projects to one portable one, and no more than 2 at the knitting chair.

  5. Keep the knitting area tidy!! Put stuff away so that it stops spilling over and I can find things when I need them. Hmmm…maybe this needs to be #1!! :rofl:

Great idea.

  1. Finish scarf I’ve been working on for more than a year before I start any other major projects.
  2. Stashbust by knitting potholders. I need them badly. I have the yarn. I just never seem to get around to it.
  3. Switch to continental knitting only. I learned how a few years ago but only really did basic stitches and never learned how to do do yarn overs and stuff like that. I need to practice a variety of stitches until I can use it exclusively.
  4. Knit some each day. Even if it’s only 15 minutes before I go to bed. It’s the only way to get things done!

I have worked on a few of my goals. I casted on for my first sweater…which will be a gift for my niece’s birthday. And I researched sock patterns and found one I am going to try. I need to wind the yarn and then cast on probably at the end of the month when the sweater is done.