KnittingHelp Monthly Challenge - December

This month’s challenge will be a little different (I hope it’s okay with AMy and the mods)

This month, how about we try to complete all the projects we started this year? But that, I mean finish all our WIPs so we can get a fresh start on the New Year, and make rom for all the new projects we’ll be starting from our gift yarn! Come on, it’ll be fun, and this actually will be a [I]challenge[/I]!

If you don’t want to do that, than how about Holiday Knitting? Knit projects with the theme of whatever holiday you choose to celebrate. I will go with options one and two, the second being Meg Swansen’s Christmas stocking that she’s knitting on Schoolhouse Press website.

I hope you have fun with this challenge(s). I’ll be in every day to offer help and advice, and support.

It’s a busy month for everyone so I think this is just fine, Braden. We can get started with a new theme for January. :thumbsup:

Yeah, just today I decided to make my sons and their wives hats for Christmas… :eyes: At least 3 of them will be using stash yarn though, maybe even all 4. Good thing hats only take a few hours…

I’m in. I will be casting on the Pick Up Sticks Poinsettia Wreath this week for a Xmas gift to my MIL.

I’m in too! :slight_smile: i think it’s a great idea Braden!

That sounds like a plan to me! I’m not doing much in the way of holiday knitting. I just got Oddball Blanket #1, and have to do that first, but then I’m planning on finishing up a couple of shawls that have been sitting here for a few months. I’m not planning on starting anything new (unless it’s a wee traveling project). But if I can get those two shawls finished by the end of the month, I’ll be happy!

:passedout: oh my have you seen my list below? that doesn’t include a few things… I better get to clicking those needles :teehee: …which would be a lot more if I turned the computer off…

I’ll try my best :thumbsup:

Great Idea! I am totally in! I could use a little motivation to help finish some of my projects…chuckle

Count me in, too. I’ve got a a pair of socks that have been a WIP for a couple of months now.

I am in! i figure I should list the WIPs i should finished (and a couple that are getting frogged)

:zombie:to finish:
[li]moms swirl bee socks[/li][li]dads clogs[/li][li]moms palindrome scarf[/li][li]my hairy wisp (50%)[/li][li]my jaywalker scarf[/li][li]a yellow hedgie[/li][li]little yellow socks for my niece[/ol][/li]:oo:to frog:
[li]jasons vest[/li][*]my Swan Lake stole[/ol]:thud:yikes! i need to get knitting!!

I´m DEFINITELY in!!! Sounds like a great idea!!! :thumbsup:

Me too… I don’t have all that much but it will be a good motivator to try to get it all done…
Sweater-just have to knit the neck and seam
Doll for DD (haven’t even started that one yet)
Scarf for a friend
something for a kid friend of mine… can’t decide exactly what…:doh: Who am I kidding…

I’m all for finishing my WIPs! :thumbsup:
Here they are:
[li]Harry Potter “Gryffindor” Scarf for my hubby[/li][li]Bulky Alpaca scarf for me[/li][li]Wool Baby Sweater[/li][li]Cushy Baby Blanket[/li][li]Fair Isle Headband[/li][li]Baby Boy Raglan Sweater[/li][li]Red Ankle Socks for my son[/li][li]Bulky Cardigan for me[/li][li]Dream by Moonlight Shawl[/li][*]Cabled Baby Pullover[/ul]I don’t think I’ll be able to finish them all this month, but at least I can show what all I’m working on now! :teehee:

Here is my list… I don’t have everything in my Sig

The Fablous Lace Cardigan
The Civil War Shawl (I won’t be able to finish this one…I’m to the point where one round takes a little over an hour to do)
The Swan Shawl
2 of Silver’s Scarves
Silver’s Hat
Candy Cane Socks
Three Way Wrap
Beret that I finished but is back on needles cause it was to small
Baby Sweater
3 peek a boo mittens
mittens for me
cowl for me
and I still have needles empty :oo:

I’m in. OTN:

-Sailor’s Rib sweater
-lace scarf
-plain socks
-bamboo clutch purse

Doesn’t look like too much, so hopefully, I’ll be able to finish them all.

Well, I have a knit/purl sweater, which is extremely dark and needs a very good light to work by, but it’s a fascinating knit.

I’m in. I have a jacket for bubby, a golliwog that needs two arms, a hat for a friends daughter and that’s it.

I also have a crocheted blanket that needs about 10 more squares, but crochet isn’t counted, only knitting, right? :slight_smile:

Harry Potter Scarf

Braided Hat Pattern

Ascot Textured Scarf

Tennis Socks

Future Objects

Crochet Running Shoes Slippers

Little Lamb Sweater

Basic Mittens


Glad it’s a big hit!

Definitely, I always need a little nudge to get those ufo’s done.