KnittingHelp Monthly Challenge - April

This month’s challenge will be…

Knits for Electronics!

Now, I know, it may sound like "another bunch of teenager cell phone cozies and whatnot,’’ but, take a minute and think-wouldn’t it be nice to have your iPod, cell phone, etc. personalized with YOUR work?

For this month, I’d like everyone to come up with their own design. Not at all saying you CAN’T use a pattern, but this is a challenge, right?

I will be knitting a cozy for my new iPod nano. I will be designing it myself, and will release the pattern at the end of the month.

Good luck to everyone! Please join in!

I’m in! Do we have to provide a pattern? Mine will probably be improvised.

This is actually a perfect project for me! I half-minded quickly crocheted (I don’t crochet much) an around the neck camera holder while on vacation because my brother didn’t have a tripod, but I really want something much nicer and more functional than the first “make-do” model. The holder must be designed to cradle the camera while it’s on so there’s the lens extension factor as well as resting angle to consider.

I have a couple must-finish projects to finish first though.

You don’t have to provide your pattern unless you want to.

Oh, I’m in.

Count me in! :slight_smile: I just got a new camera and I really want to knit it a little TARDIS. :slight_smile: