KnittingHelp love affair

I’ve be browsing the KH forums for a while. Reading threads, posting etc. Everything is fine. I click on a link on one of the threads and Firefox won’t load it. Tells me the server can’t be found. Okay fine. Go back to KH and continue browsing. Find another link I want to check out. Won’t load it either. This gets me worried and I try going to a different site. Won’t load that. Maybe it’s having problems with the link so I manually type the address in. Still won’t load. Keep in mind I’m still able to go from page to page on KH without a problem. After all this I decide to test something. I open up a new window and type in KH’s address. It loads! Type in a different webpage. It won’t load.
I even tried using a different Internet browser. Firefox is my main one but I have IE and Safara installed as well. Still wouldn’t work. But KH would load.
Conclusion - My computer has fallen in love with KH and won’t “cheat” on it.

ETA: Love affair didn’t last long. 5 minutes after I posted this I was able to load other sites.

Lol your conclusion is funny. but it is highly probable to be something else.



:roflhard: I like your thinking, but it’s probably because your internet went out briefly and Firefox was loading a cached page of KH for you.

That’s what I was thinking too. We’ve been having Internet problems lately so I’m sure that was the case. It was just weird that it wouldn’t load any other page. Even ones that I go to all the time and should be cached. It’s working now and I have to say of all the sites to be stuck on KH is definitely my preferred choice.

Glad I could give you all a good laugh. :slight_smile:

Why settle for anything but the best?:shrug::teehee: