Knittinghelp Computer CD

I just ordered this :slight_smile: Anyone else have it? Have any thoughts on it? :eyebrow:

I ordered it for my DD who haas dial up. Of course I had to take a look first. It is everything that is on this site PLUS some more. If I had dial up or freauent problems with internet connection I’d consider it a must-have. I think the price is very reasonable for what you get. Hope this helps.

Thanks yeah that’s awesome :muah: I was hoping that would be the answer lol I have DSL at work and can view them fine… but err… well let’s just say I want to keep my job lol and home is dialup so videos are a no-go.

Thanks so much :hug:

Oh, i love mine… I can travel with it and my laptop and the full sock and star vids are great to have as a reference.

It is an extremely great value for the price.


I have dial up and bought the set. They are my best knitting friend and they’re ready to show me over and over how to do something. I love those CDs!

I bought the Cd away back when loading Amy’s video clips had to be done through temporary internet files. Ya had to wait for the clip to load! I love the video CD, and well worth the money. Thanks Amy!