📱 KnittingHelp.com iPhone App iOS 11 Updated 📱

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to announce that our popular KnittingHelp.com Video Reference app has been updated for iOS 11. If you’ve been using the app in the last few months you may have noticed warning about the app not working with future iOS versions. This update remedies that and is a new refresh with a cleaner look and easier to read fonts. Oh, and it’s a free update to anyone who has previously purchased earlier iOS versions.

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, well, the KnittingHelp Video Reference app is like a pocket version of all the videos on our website, categorized and searchable and available without requiring an internet connection. It’s the ultimate knitting reference guide for your knitting bag.

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Thanks, Sheldon. That’s good news.

I love the app! I’ll have to download the new one/update!

While surfing this app I faced iphone error 4005 and it also showed a lot of lag while using it. Can anyone tell me how to troubleshoot it ??? I am using the iOS 11 now.

Welcome to the forum!
@sheldon is the best person to help.