KnittingHelp cd rom

Does anyone remember how much the knitting help cd rom is and when the store reopens? I went to the store and it was closed for the holidays. It might be my husband’s birthday gift to me. I make shopping easy for him.:teehee: TIA

The tab says that the shop will reopen in mid-January.
Amy, who runs, just had a baby, which might explain the store closing down for a couple of weeks.

I saw the baby and she sure is a sweetie. Wouldn’t you know it, I never thought about getting it and when I did think about it, it’s not available at the present time. Oh well, I will just put it on my list. Thanks for your help.

Hi, Melanie! :waving:

If I recall correctly, the CD is about $20, and well worth it, too!

Hope this helps!

Ruthie :knitting:

Seems like it’s about 20 bucks. I love mine!

Hi Sabrinasmom, I pm’d you