Knittinghelp app

Hi everybody,

I am new, so please move this thread if it’s in the wrong place. I am having troubles updating knittinghelp app on my iphone. Just keeps loading it for ages until times runs out. At first I thought it might be my wifi. Tried wifi at work, but still have the same problems. Anybody else experienced the same?

It updated fine for me. I’ll let Sheldon know.

Hi there. Sorry your having trouble with the app. I can’t tell from your message whether your getting stuck during the upgrade/install download process (where the icon gets a blue bar across the bottom to indicate the progress) or if the problem is when you click on the icon to run the app.

The app is fairly large at 520mb and will take between 15 minutes and an hour depending upon your connection speed. If the connection is interrupted it can cause the download to stop. Sometime rebooting the phone will help. Sometimes you have to delete and attempt to reinstall the app. If that doesn’t help, you can use iTunes to download the app and then sync it to you phone.

If the problem is with the app hanging after you click on the icon, then the download/installation may have become corrupted. Removing the app and then reinstalling it should do the trick.

Hope this help.


I don’t know if this is the problem or not, but I always plug in my device iPhone/iPad when I’m updating anything that’s going to take awhile.

Hi there,

Thank you for your response. It gets stuck during the download process. I am trying to reinstall, but get the same problem. I understand it is big and waiting patiently for about half an hour…Mine is plugged in too. Other app downloaded without any problems.