:knitting: its so funny i got three knitting needles and lots of eccessories from my mother who got it from the co-ap program and learned how to knitt and everything thats so cool!!

:yay: what is pl in patterns

How is it used?

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what is pl in patterns

It’s probably p1 in a font where the small Ls look like 1s.

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I’ve seen “pl” used before “marker” to indicate you should place a marker at that point in the pattern. And I’ve seen it used in books and patterns where it’s not defined anywhere so you’re left to guess or figure it out.

Maybe the writer considered it self-explanatory, but I had to take a bit of thought and time to figure it out! So much for MY-self-explanatory! :roflhard:

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Oh, yes… it could mean ‘place’ as in place marker, they usually use ‘pm’ for that, but someone may have wanted to be different.