I am a little confused on when to start counting rows. Do I cast on then start to count rows, or is the cast on considered the first half of the first row?

The cast on row is just that, a cast on row, it is not counted.

There was a long thread on this subject a few weeks ago. some people had very definite feelings about it as I recall.

Unless you are using the Long-Tail cast on.

I use the long tail method, and sometimes i will count it and sometimes i consider it my cast on - depends what mood i am in :teehee:

Unless you are using the Long-Tail cast on.[/quote]

Not necessarily. I call it a cast on and the first row is the one after that.


I always use longtail cast on. I would count it if I was working in Stockinette, but not for anything else. Can I add a q to this? you count the sts that is on the needle that is about to be knitted, or does it only count AFTER to knit them off the needle (like once bound off, ect)

I’ve read that you don’t count the stitches on the needle as they haven’t been knit yet.