Hello. Please can you help me with this chart pattern. Want do they mean by Inc 1st each side every 1,1/2’’ times, Plus are they asking me then I have Inc 1st to start with the Inc St or just knit it till I have enough to work a pattern which is 6st. I have tried several ways and the only I have done is when I wait till I have Inc 6st on both ends. Confused. ![

The pattern wants you to increase every 1 1/2 inches at each end of the row. Keep working this increase for the given number of times for the size you’re making, 10 times more for the smallest size, 13 times more for the next size.
You can increase until you have 6 sts on each side and then work the 6-stitch pattern. You might also consider working a half pattern once you have 3sts at each end. I like to have an extra edge stitch to make seaming easier.

ETA: It would be helpful if you would delete all but the B graph. We can’t post large portions of patterns here due to designer copyright. You can use the small pencil icon in the lower right of your post.

I have tried to delete them. Not sure want to do. Please help me

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Thank you for help on pattern

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