(k2. P2) 0 [0:1:2] times.
K0 [:2:2:2] p1* I get the pattern 20sts and rep from * then it goes ending p1, k0[2:2:2:],(p2.k2)0[0:1:2] times
Want is this asking me to do. I am doing the 1st size.

p1* pattern 20sts and rep from * p1,
Skip over any directions that have a 0 for your size. If you do that, the k2p2 and the following knit sts are skipped at the beginning of the row and the knit stitches and p2k2 at the end are skipped.

I have 62sts does mean I have to pattern 3 times before the last p1

Yes, exactly. P1, 20sts x 3, p1.

Thank you. it was just as I send m reply it was clear as to want they was asking me to do. Some times you need to write it down yourself and step away for bit. Once again cheers.

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