I have 199sts and i have tried several ways some times i have too many sts left or not enough don’t know want i am doing wrong please help Row7:

K6 (K2 tog) 3 times - (y f. k1) 5 times,

Yf - (K2 tog.) 3 times - K1 - (K2 tog.) 3 times,

(Yf. k1) 5 times -yf - (K2 tog,) 3 times - * k 14.

(MB. k1. p1, MB. p1, k1) twice MB. k14

[K2 tog). 3 times (yf. k1) 5 times - yf.

(K2 tog) 3 times - k1- (K2 tog) 3 times - (yf.k1) 5times

Yf - (K2 tog.) 3 times, rep. from *

Once more, k.6

How many stitches should you have left?

I am sending you picture and the 1st 7 rows i hope this helps
thank you

It’s easy to become confused with this pattern written out in a column as it is. It may help to write out the rows as you did for row 7 and It may make it easier to work if you place markers between the repeats.
There should be 199sts in each row 1-7.

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Thank you for the tip of writing down by doing this I could see where I was going wrong. I will use in the future. Yours so grateful margaret to

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