Yet another pattern that leaves me stubbed, I am knitting the second size, Ribbing done increase row sorted 86sts on needle, first row just wont work out for me. can you help. thank!

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For the 2nd size, row 1 is
P1, (Pattern 1, p3, Pattern 2, p3)3x, Pattern 1, p1.

The sts in parentheses add up to 26. Repeated 3 times is 78sts. There is one stitch before the repeat and 6+1sts after the repeat adding 8 more sts for a total of 86sts.
It may help to circle your size in the instructions.
Because of copyrights, can you help us please by deleting the first 2 scans? We really only need the directions for row 1.

I have deleted the first two scans, and thank you for your help.

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