Please can you help, looking at this pattern where it is asking me to work a further 20 rows, I am reading it as i finish on row 8. then start row 33 and were it says patt 13 do i do patt 9 if so i can make it work.
Yours confused Margaret

Hi Margaret, I would say yes to working a row 9 for row 33. There are 3 x ‘pattern 13’ sections per row but I do find it odd that they instruct you to CR2R,K7,CR2L for 2 of them then just say to ‘pattern 13’ for the middle one. Is there something in the abbreviations or set up rows (that is not visible in your photo) that explains this middle pattern 13 section?
Maybe salmonmac might be able to help here

There are no other instruction that i can see. but the pattern is from Wendy texture tone sand and stone which is booklet pattern A360. I hope this helps you help me, I am baffled.
This the pattern

The motif is crochet and added when finshed.

Very pretty!
OK, I looked at this for the smallest size. On row 33 k18, patt 13 is correct. The pattern 13 includes the cross over sts and 2sts on either side of the crosses.
Maybe you can show us a photo of what you have on the needles?

Hi There sending you want have at present

Looking at the right edge with the RS facing, there’s a k2 (for the smallest size) then an area of 13 garter stitch sts followed by 3sts in stockinette then the bobble/CR2 L or R panel. In row 33 knitting 18 uses up the k2, 13 garter sts and 3sts stockinette sts. That leaves you at bobble/CR2 panel where you “patt 13” which means working across that bobble/CR panel.
Do you only have 9sts there instead of 13?

The size i am doing is the 2nd size,

A similar thing is going to happen. You’ll come to the bobble panel which should be the patt 13.
If you only have 9sts here, go ahead an knit the row in the way you think it’ll work. Before you do that, put in a lifeline so that, should you have to rip back, it’ll be easier to put the sts back on the needle.