I love the fact you can create a garment that you can be proud of, but why do there have to be so many ways to decrease, once again in the abbreviations it says (decrease by working 2sts tog)
Then (decrease 1sts each end).
So when shaping the armholes I am to take it that I do this both end of my garment,

Thank you to all of you for your advice. I have managed to over come some of my problems and I have finished jumper and cardigan. now on my 3rd.

Hi Margaret, you are correct. Knit 2 together at the beginning and end of whichever row(s) your pattern instructs.
The various increase/decrease styles can create a pattern - as with some raglan sleeved items or,most often, in lacework. The more you knit the more you will see the differences :grin:
Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting, congratulations on your recent fo’s (finished objects) and good luck with your current wip (work in progress)

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Thank you can help with this decrease 1sts each end 14 following alternate rows,
I am reading that i decrease one row purl the next without decreasing 14 times.

That’s right:
i decrease one row,
purl the next without decreasing,
repeat these 2 rows 14 times

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Some increases and decreases are paired, too. This enables you to shape a neckline or get a left slating edge on one side and a right slanting edge on another. There are many ways to do them and they all are valuable to learn and use when theyn might give a more attractive edge or seam.