Hey I need help please I’m confused how to do this stitch it say work 4 rows Dec 1st at reglan edge in next and foll 0 row at same time dec 1st at front edge in 1st and foll 2 row. 22 sta

These are often confusing directions. If your pattern has a zero or a dash for your size, you can skip that step and go on to the next.
So decrease one stitch at the raglan edge and at the front edge on row 1. Next, decrease at the front edge only on rows 2 and 3.

It does require experience to understand some of the knitting shorthand we use in our instructions. It will come in time. Actually, if you follow every word and do it exactly as it is written, you should be okay.

I assume you are a beginner if this is confusing you. I would very strongly suggest that you take a class (basics) at your local yarn shop or library or guild or church group. You will learn so much! You need these basics before attempting anything other than basic knit and purl patterns. You will never regret it!