Knitting Yarn Recommendation

I knitted a cardigan using MillaMia 100% merino wool for my granddaughter. She loves it but unfortunately finds it itchy around her neck so she is not wearing it. I would appreciate some recommendations of DB knitting yarns that are not itchy to skin.
Thank you.

To be honest I don’t know much about yarns. I can tell you I used style craft special DK, for my son and it’s not itchy at all, however it is acrylic and perhaps you prefer wool or another natural fibre.

If you find a yarn you like perhaps you can remove the neck band and cuffs on your granddaughter’s cardigan and reknit them with the new yarn so the whole cardigan is not wasted? You probably can’t colour match but a contrasting colour can look lovely on the neck and cuffs, or even just the button band and neck.

Good luck, I hope you find what you need, itchy necks are horrible!


I wonder if you could line the neck with a soft, light flannel in a similar or complementary color?

I’ve used Berroco Modern Cotton, and Malabrigo Arroyo and found them soft and lovely to work with. Rowan Soft Yak DK and Juniper Moon Farms Findley are also nice and soft. Check on the washing recommendations however. Always better to make children’s sweaters in machine washable.