Knitting World Cup

okay i didn’t officially participate in the Knitting Olympics cuz i wasn’t sure if i would be able to get anything done during that time but i think i would want t play for the world cup (heck i can get just about anything done in a MONTH! :rofling: ) I saw Rebecca mention it but when i went to search for a thread on here (besides the yarn monkey site) for it the search came back with [color=red][size=6]330 posts [/size][/color]that mentioned World Cup… :shock: and none of them seemed to be the same thread.

soooo is there a thread i missed somewhere? if there is i will happily go there and just delete this one to avoid confusion! :thumbsup:

I don’t remember seeing it here…but there’s more info at

I didn’t official join the olympics either kinda did it on my own but last night I seen Becka’s post under the June KAL (I think :?? ) and have been thinking about it… although I have no idea what I’d pick to do… :thinking:

I’m sorry guys…I should have posted more info :blush: I joined the one that the YarnMonkey started, I didn’t know about the other one. Here’s the deal, you begin your project on June 9…it’s associated with a soccer tourny, right?!..and go thru July 9 in the hope that you will finish your project in this month. It’s much like the Knitting Olympics which I wasn’t able to participate in bc I was far too ill, this sounds like it will be a blast :cheering: :cheering:
[color=red][size=6]So…who’s gonna join with us?![/size][/color] :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: We’ll have fun…LOL, now I must finish what I’m working on so I can concentrate on the Lady Eleanor wrap…wish me luck and I’ll do the same for you :wink:

I really want to join this. I’m franticallly working my way through a gauge swatch to see if I can do my first sweater. If that doesn’t work, I’ll do the Candle Flame Shawl for my mother… even if I can’t get it done, it’ll still be a lot of work on a big project!

Who else??

I’ve signed up. Mia shrug comes to mind. I started it and it does need frogging. I’ll start again for the cup!

:cheering: :cheering: This will be fun :thumbsup:

What is Knitting Olympics ? Do you actually get together and see who get to the finish line first?

The Knitting Olympics went on during the Olympics…the deal was, you pick a challenging project & finish it during the Olympics. the Knitting World Cup is the same thing, pick a challenging project to knit during the time frame from June 9-July 10.
I had to change my project…I had originally picked Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style, but (I’m hanging my head in shame :oops: ) I had completely lost track of the time & my granddaughter’s third bday is in July…so, I’m not Team Summer Ensemble. I am (hoping) to knit Knit and Tonic’s GFSwing coat sweater and 2 Snort Short GF tanks for Allysa. I bought the pattern, the yarn for the 2 tops (Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for 1 and Wick for another) and have to get the yarn for the jacket, I’m thinking Cotton Tots of something sturdy for a 3 yr old.
Anyone else entering?

I love the Swing Coat I knitted one for Roo it was so fast to do I love her patterns… This Friday I am going to buy Jan and the yarn :happydance: … I also did the short snort tank its so cute you will love it… have you looked at the crumpets tank too? she posts about it but its from another site… suppose to be a dress but I only had enough shine for a tank…

I just got this pattern and I think I’m going to do it for the world cup… although I also got this one and it would be a challenge cause the chart for the skirt scares me… :rofling: but I already have the yarn and everything for the shawl so it will prolly be that… I just need to sign up now :rofling:

edited for spelling and so that it makes sense :oops: need to stop typing like I talk :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling:

I love the shawl!! And that skirt…I almost ordered it, too!
:smiley: OMGoodness, Dusti, Crumpets is TOOOO CUTE!!! I’m going to have to do both Crumpets and Jan for my little Allysa (even though she called my “Grandma” yesterday instead of “Honey”…I’m having problems wrapping my mind around being called GRANDMA!!! Grandmas don’t listen to Tom Petty…I’m listening to Tom Petty today…my grandma wore dresses and aprons all day…and her hair in a BUN…didn’t wear makeup for goodness sakes!!! Sorry…bit of a rant :rofling: :roflhard: ). So, after I finish the tops (I’ve now decided I’m doing 3…Kidlet Tank, Mission Tank and the Short Snort tank and the Swing Coat sweater…these (maybe some socks) will be part of her 3rd bday presents…that and a “Baby Doll Grandma ( :shock: ) Honey.” So, what Allysa asks Honey for she will get…she will have to learn that she will get much farther say just “Honey.” :roflhard: :rofling:

I love knitting little tops for my girl they go so fast and she enjoys them so much…she loves the Kidlet tank its her favorite … I hadn’t seen the Mission tank so I’m gonna have to do that one for her now… :rofling: thats cute that she calls you Honey!! My kids call my dad Yogi :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling: I wish I could find cute things for my son during the summer… but his fall list is so long I should start now… told dh gotta enjoy it now cause one day they will be saying I’m not wearing it if you made it :lol:

If you do get the skirt you can help me with the chart :rofling:

each world cup we have a draw in the office to match people to teams - its a sweepstake. We just had the draw - my boss got Brazil, my assistant got Argentina and then my boss got to pick the team and name out of the hat he pulled me out and matched me to Tunisa! Somehow I don’t think I’ll be getting anywhere in the sweeps!

Now I just have to get myself together fast to get a project for the knitting world cup! I’m pretty sure it is going to be Mia or perhaps a tubey!

Knitting World Cup begins today!!!
You are still allowed to sign up…last sign up is [Mon., June 18.
And…the kick off…in about 30 minutes :wink: …I’m off to begin my Summer Ensemble: Girlfriend Swing Coat, kidlet tank, short snort tank, mission tank and possibly Cotton candy tank :smiley:

[color=red]EDIT, EDIT…error, error[/color]
I posted that the sign up deadline is mon., june 18. When I re-read the [url=]blog update]( I saw that in one place the sign up deadline is Mon., June 18, in another it states that the deadline is in 3 days (that was on Thurs.)…so…DEADLINE IS FAST APPROACHING

I’d love to participate, but I have one month to pack up my apartment :shock:

I’ll be rooting for y’all anyway!! :cheering: :XX: :cheering:

:smiley: Have fun packing :wink: see if you can squeeze in some knitting for stress relief!

[color=red]Okay…error, error[/color]!! I posted that the last sign up is Monday, June 18, but when I reread the blog update it says last sign up is the 18th, but, it also reads that the last day for signing up is in 3 days (2 days from today)…which makes more sense. So, if you are interested in signing up…deadline is approaching.



Ah, i LOVE the World Cup. I’m watching the Germany vs. Costa Rica game right now. :inlove:

Good luck to all who are knitting!



Hey, I’m participating too and knitting a lacy sweater out of Schachenmayr Avior!

But more important than knitting:

[color=red][size=7]WE WON!!![/size][/color]