Knitting World Cup FO & More Fair Isle

I finished my Knitting World Cup project - the Easy VNeck Raglan from Glampyre.

I dont’ think I used the right yarn for this (Cascade 220); I think it would have been better in something bulkier, but it was my first adult size sweater knit in the round. Makes me want to knit a bunch more! :smiley:

The 2nd photo is just a chunky winter hat I finished in a couple of days. I find that I’m just storing up hats and scarves now with no specific recipient in mind. I’m sure they’ll come in handy for gifts.

Way to go! Those look great!

Wow! Those turned out so fine! I would love to see them modeled now. That always makes it more fun in the forum, I think. We want to see your smiling face! :smiley:

Both are great :thumbsup:
I should finish my last KWC piece today or tomorrow, too.

Nice work! I love doing fair isle and sweaters, too.

Lovely!!! :inlove: I love fair isle!

Great job Marce! I especially like the hat.

Thanks so much for the compliments!! :smiley:

Red - If I can get access to a digital camera (I’m still clinging to my old school Nikon SLR) I promies I will re-post pictures with these modeled. I love seeing things on the knitter or recipient too! :lol:

Love the colors you used on these! :slight_smile: They look great. :thumbsup:

Marce everything looks wonderful!

Cindy, FK & Sara:

I’ve seen your FO’s, and I must say that compliments from you really make my day! :blush:

Great job :thumbsup:
I like your colors in the sweater.
Model please.

looks great!!

Everything turned out great! I especially love your hat!!

wow that looks fabulous! Well done :heart:

Great pieces!! I especially love your hat!! :thumbsup:

Very nice - I especially love the colours in the raglan v-neck.

Very nice turn out!! The hat looks so cozy … :drooling:

Beautiful work! I love the colors on the hat!!

Thanks very much! (Welcome back Amber!)

I’m seriously considering frogging the sweater though (you can read about it here).

As for the hat, I’ve already done 2 more since in different colors :lol: I think I’m hooked!