Knitting withdrawl

I didn’t see any similar threads, so sorry if this is repeat…

but have you ever gone a while without knitting and one day just been like “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH where are my needles and yarn? where are they? i need need need need them!”

that happened to me a bit ago.

I thought you were going to ask ask if anybody is withdrawing from knitting at the current momemt. I can relate I actually Quit for 2days then I opned my almost emptystash n could resist…aaahhhh

I have “general craft withdrawal”.

I find myself drawing plans for dresses and skirts on scrap paper EVERYWHERE for this reason.Back in middle school and high school the teachers would constantly complain that the backs of my tests and margins of my work were not sketch pads.

LOL - happens to me all the time! If I go all day without picking up my needles, I usually have to get at least 30 minutes or so in before going to bed. I can truly say I’m addicted. :slight_smile:

yeah i have been trying to figure out a way to describe it… but if i put my needles down for a while, i wont even think about it until a random design pops in my head… and this ultimately appealing feeling rushes into and makes you get up and find the yarn and needles. i did a 45 minute drive once because all my knitting stuff was at my ex husbands house… i drove all the way cuz i didnt want to buy new stuff when i had my collection there.

okay y’all, i’m at work…must get home to knit…must get home to knit…

haha… yes! i have done that too

The last time I [U][I]didn’t knit[/I][/U] was because I [U][I]couldn’t knit![/I][/U]

But yes, I thought about picking up the needles! Just couldn’t. :pout:

I know exactly what you mean and the feeling is hard to explain. On days when I have to go in to work early and sleep during the comute I feel “off” all day until the comute home when I do knit.

I am having knitting withdrawal as we speak. I am waiting for my yarn to arrive via UPS for my next project. As a newer knitter, I am finding that I can’t just pick up a project and knit to be knitting. I have to be motivated to be able to figure out the pattern, and all I want to do is knit the project that I bought this yarn for. It is supposed to be here on Tuesday (hurry up already!!!)

Right now I [U]must[/U] knit, but I simply can’t! While knitting earlier, I cut my finger (knitting injury :D), and it hurts horribly, so I can’t manipulate the stitches. The other day, I managed to create this terrible blister on my index finger, and (though it even began bleeding) I just couldn’t stop knitting. The patterns just get so interesting XD

I decided I needed to go to Michaels yesterday after work and knowing my daughter wanted to look for stuff there we went together. Our Michaels is next door to Kohls (my dd’s favorite store), which she needed to go and get another pair of jeans. I didn’t bring any knitting along, which I usually do when I know I’ll need to wait for her so while in Michaels I chose some yarn, which is why I was there but decided my sanity was worth another pair of 10 1/2 dpn’s to occupy my waiting time.

I have knitting withdrawal everyday after work so I really don’t know why I left the house without a WIP. I made a pair of very tightly knit sock slippers. Oh how I wish regular socks would knit up as fast. I purchased LB Thick and Quick which says to use a US 13 but Michaels doesn’t carry dpn’s that large - I don’t know if they even make them in that size.


P.S. Hi, my name is Mary and I am addicted to knitting.:woot:

haha mary… that is so funny… i do the exact same thing! this last week i had to wait in the car a couple times for about 15 minutes each and i went crazy for that small amount of time because i knew i have my own wip that i could have been working on… haha. i bought three skeins of this fairly expensive yarn for a project i probably wont be able to start for a while just because i was so excited about my idea… haha…

i am also addicted…

my friends that im knitting stuff for keep apologizing that i have these knitting projects to make them and im like “no no no- i love having an actual REASON to knit because i would just be knitting random stuff for no reason otherwise” haha.

it is nicer having someone tell you what they want and having a deadline… makes it a little more fun

yep, usually when i have a deadline or i’m told what i HAVE to knit (this doesn’t go as far anymore).

The last couple of days i’ve been knitting much less than usual… yesterday I spent more time at the gym and feel a lot better for it…

but i obsess and get tunnel vision on what my interests are at the moment… and what my body says my limitations are (ie: i overdid it at the gym yesterday and today my knees are bugging me, so i take today and tomorrow off and go back monday).

Now that I’m back doing it again, I go kinda nuts when I get home from the office and there’s so much to do before I can sit back and relax and knit.

There have been days that I couldn’t knit…because I was so busy with other things, or too sick to knit…but the entire time…I was planning on knitting ‘in just a while’…never happened…but the ‘planning to knit’ seemed to mollify me!

Now if you locked me up…tossed away the key…no knitting inside the cell…with no hopes of getting needles and yarn…THAT WOULD BE KNITTER WITHDRAWAL!

HI my name is Melissa and Im addicted to knitting(crafts of any kind really):grphug:

D: I managed to chop off the very tip of my finger recently with a rotary cutter.My bf says I was doing “EXTRREEEEME SEWING”(in an announcer guy voice).I had to do the whole giant wad of bandage and tetanus booster shot thing.After about three days of not knitting I just decided to retrain myself to knit without that particular finger.Intervention time now?

I am not at home right now but I brought along a project and one set of needles to knit with. I found I did not like the way it was working out and I put it away today until I get back home tomorrow night. So I did not know what to do with my hands tonight while I watched TV. I believe that is serious withdrawal!!! :teehee: