Knitting with wire?

I’ve been trying to find pictures of knitted wire. Has anyone ever heard of this or done it? Can you do stuff other that jewellery? I know it exists but the only pics i can find are of bracelets.

Here’s a knitty pattern:

Oh gosh, sorry, I obviously didn’t read your post closely, you wanted something other than jewelry! Sorry!

Every wire project I can think of has been jewelry.

What were you thinking of making w/wire?

there is a book called “Knitting With Wire”.

Sure you can knit with wire! Some of the Society for Creative Anachronism folks knit chain mail (an then argue about whether it’s historically correct…) Don’t use any really fancy needles, becaue they get all scuffed up. Other than that, have fun.

Thanks everyone. i didn’t really have any project in mind, i was just curious.

I found this non jewelery wire knitting pattern: Heart Shaped Box :slight_smile:

Tip: Don’t use your good needles when knitting with wire. :thumbsup:

I have the book Rosalie suggested-- Knitting With Wire. I have to admit I have yet to make anything from it, but it is a very interesting book with a number of non-jewellry projects.

i was also going to suggest the heart chaped box that Silver emntioned. infact i think there are a couple of other wire items on that site (fairy light or tealight covers and something a little more … ahem … adult).
This is my first attemp at wire knitting:

Here’s a non-jewelry pattern I plan on doing for my dd’s 18th b-day,2025,DIY_14141_4177151,00.html