Knitting with Wire!

This is my first time knitting with wire (or beads), but man I had so much fun with these!

They’re knit on size 4s, with 2 wires together, a 28 gauge copper wire and a 32 gauge silver wire, with silver lined glass beads and silver toggle closures.

(Clickie for biggie piccies!)

:shock: Wow…those are beautiful!!

So pretty! You sure are brave!!!

That’s awesome! :cheering:

:thud: That looks really great.

:muah: So beautiful!!! :cheering:

Wow-they are beautiful :cheering:

Those are lovely!

I have never seen anything like it and they are simply gorgeous!

I’ve seen some woman do this on TV using a crouchet hook. Did you do this with two needles?

Can you teach me or tell me how you learnt? I’d like to make something that pretty too.


very pretty silver!..last night i was laying in bed thinking about [what else :shrug: ] knitting, and i thought about doing something similar! i have a bunch of quartz beads and tiny seed beads…now you have me really excited to make one… :heart: :heart:

I used a book called Twist And Loop. The set I made is based on one of the patterns in the book, which starts with 9 stitches cast on, and then it’s knit in an easy little lace pattern with regular knitting needles. I made some minor changes because I couldn’t find the exact same wire or beads though.

It’s actually really easy. It’s a lot like knitting with yarn, but I recommend getting the book so you can read about the little nuances about knitting with wire.

Thank you everyone for the compliments!! :hug:

Wow! I’m always amazed at how talented everyone is!!


Those are beautiful :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :shock: :woot: :woohoo:

:heart: oh wow Silver, that’s gorgeous! :heart: :cheering:

That’s amazing!

Ok. I could NOT believe this, but when I sat down this afternoon to watch (shhhh…I’m supposed to be studying) my PVR’d episode of Knitty Gritty from today…

Yes, they were doing wire knitting!!! Talk about timing!!!

Here’s one link, and here’s another link.

And of course I forgot to set my DVR to record it yesterday. Grrrr!

Silver, Those are GORGEOUS! You are inspiring!

Gorgeous, I love it!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: