Knitting with Very Soft Wool

Hi there,

I’m a beginner but I’ve recently learned how to complete the magic loop knitting technique and I am attempting to make a felted bed for my pet but the wool keeps breaking as I do this, I tried loosening my tension but does anyone have any other suggestions?

Do you find that your tension is very tight?? Yarn really shouldn’t just break - I’m a fairly tight knitter and I’ve never had that happen. What type of yarn is it? I wonder if it’s a bad batch or something, you might want to talk to the people wherever you bought it?

You’re wool’s breaking? Wow, that sounds like you’ve just got some really bad yarn. I’ve never heard of wool breaking like that before. Where does it break?

Wow, I’ve never had yarn break before, either! I’d think that with as much give as wool has, you wouldn’t even be able to get your needle in the stitches to knit them if you were knitting tightly enough to cause breakage. Definitely take that yarn back!

Thanks everyone for your input. I really don’t think my tension is that tight, it just seems that the wool yarn comes in 6 strands and although, I have split it into 3 strands as recommended by the shop keeper it seems to break anywhere along the line, if I pull to hard or the stitches are too tight.

The rolls just came in bundles on their own, $8.95 for 1/2lb or 227 grams. I’m guessing that perhaps I bought wool that is supposed to be used for spinning as opposed to knitting.

Has anyone tried making a felted cat bed? Any hints?