Knitting with unusual media

I was just curious…I’ve read about knitting with plastic bags, fine gauge wire and ripped up t-shirts, but I’d love to hear about any other funky “material” that has been or could be used to create truly original pieces! Anyone here have something to share? I thought of doing something with duct tape, but that might be overly ambitious!:wink: Thanks for any thoughts on this in the spirit of fun!:heart:

I haven’t knit with anything out of the ordinary, but I have crocheted with drapery cord. Here’s a thread where I “confess” this and where others talk about what they’ve used:

And here’s another threads that discusses this same topic:

But my rotary cutter is dull, and everytime I go to the store to get a new one, I forget what size it is, maybe I should have that tattooed next, lol.:woohoo:

There was an exhibit mounted at a local art gallery here last summer by a crochet artist named Olek who did full body suits crocheted from balloons (not inflated ones obviously). Not sure why she chose balloons instead of … say rubber bands or strips of inner tube or whatever, but she didn’t consult me first. Anyway. The mounted exhibit included a tractor cozy – yes, a full-on John Deere tractor completely covered in crochet – but that was done in yarn. The body suits were only displayed in photos because she actually crocheted them ON the model. And the models were understandably anxious to get OUT of those things. The whole thing was pretty astonishing. Oh, and she covered the entire front of the building in crochet too. Which was impressive, but my favorite was the tractor.

Probably the most unique knitting job I’ve heard of was for Camilla, the rubber chicken “mascot” of NASA. Apparently there’s quite a competition to see who gets to knit Camilla’s space suits, and this one was made of plastic shopping bags by a British housewife in Warwickshire. Not sure which mission it was for.

Hey ladies, thanks for your interesting comments! I apologize for not responding to your posts right away-our dear cat, Mia, passed away five days ago and I just sorta laid low these past few days. She was a stray and I took her in, as a house kitty. I got her when I was 30 and I’m now 43 yrs old, so she lived a long ,happy 17 yrs. I don’t have children and…well, she was like my child, as is the case with so many pet owners who do have kids, too. Losing them, even when they’re old, is truly losing a family member. I really miss her, but I’m thinking of all the positive, loving memories she gave us all. :heart: Anyway, thanks for enlightening me on this subject! :hug:

So sorry to hear about the death of your beloved cat. I know what you mean about getting attached to an animal; we had a dog that lived for 20 years. She shared more of my life than most of the [U]people[/U] I know have.

Oh by the way, mojo11’s not a lady, but he seems to be good humored and probably won’t hold it against ya! :wink:

Thank you, Antares, for being so sweet.:hug: Your dog living for 20 years is a long time, indeed. I believe that animals bring out the best in us and give us unlimited joy!
And mojo11, if you’re reading this, it’s wonderful to have guys on this site, and to have you here with us. After all, we are one big happy family!
Love to all of you.:heart:

I’m sorry about your kitty. :frowning: Our dog passed away last summer and our 19yr old kitty a couple years ago so I know how hard it is. :hug:

When we lost our Foxy Lady Ocie Jean, a 20 year old pomeranian, it was very hard for us. I sunk into a deep depression. I intend to get a memorial tattoo for her. She was my anniversary gift from my husband on our first anniversary. She was precious, and irreplacable. My husband, after seeing me depressed for so long, went out and got me another pom, this time a male, black like Foxy was, and at first I would look at him and cry, because if he had been female, he would be Foxy. I have slowly gotten used to him, and am already in love with him. What is funny, and kind of curious at the same time, is that he does the same thing that Foxy did, when I am having a bad Fibro Flare, I will go to get up (out of bed or the recliner) and he jumps up on my belly and “pushes” me back down. He weighs all of 4 pounds soaking wet, but it is effective in getting me to take it easy. I think maybe Foxy told him about it. My :heart: goes out to you. I am still grieving and probably will be for a very long time.:hug: :grphug:

That’s cute. Poms are adorable. I’m sure you’ve seen pics of Boo. :teehee:

My dog was a Coton de Tulear. She weighed 12lbs and was just precious. I still miss her and my kitty who was a Ragdoll breed cat. We are reaching the point finally where we are thinking of getting a new pet.