Knitting with two strands

I’m knitting a baby blanket with two balls of yarn. does anyone know how to prevent the two strands from twisting around each other with each stitch? I doubt it is possible, but thought I’d ask.

I recently finished a baby blanket with two strands. What worked for me was keeping each ball of yarn in its own plastic bag, and as I worked, the yarn came out smoothly and did not twist up. Try it !

What pattern are you making?

I’m using the pattern that came with Lion Brand’s Pound of Love yarn. I love the yarn, which came as a surprise since i hate Homespun. It is quite soft though and easy to use. i have each ball in a separate bag, but still have to untwist the yarn every so often. It isn’t getting tangled, though, so maybe I’ll just leave it twisted for as long as I can knit with it. What pattern did you use/

The afghan I’m knitting is double stranded. I don’t mind the twisting of the strands together, it doesn’t seem to make any difference in the pattern.

Maybe having one ball on each side of you would help if it really bothers you?

The two strands twist simply by the action of knitting. You can either untwist every few inches or just let it go because it won’t matter once the piece is finished.


i just wind them in a ball together.

They still twist together; it doesn’t really matter in the long run.


yeah I would have to say that putting each color in its own seperate ziplock bag works really well! never tangle with each other! :eyebrow: