Knitting with two strands of verigated yarn

I’m going to knit a boy’s scarf with Bernat Softee Chunky Denim. It has alternating dark/light blue. I’m going to do it sideways with a K2 P2 rib. Is it best to just put the strands together randomly or to match the colors? I’ve not knitted with this kind of yarn color before and don’t know which way will look better if the scarf is about 6 inches wide or so.
Thanks in advance for sharing your experience with me!

Are you knitting with two strands or ? And by sideways, do you mean the long way or end to end?

HI Suzeeq!
Yep, two strands from two skeins and longways. I’ve gotten to be a fan of longways for quick scarves! I can do a really chunky one of 100 sts on 25 needles in about two hours or so. This one will be on 19.

Oh… I think you’re saying that the yarn isn’t just varigated but changes color from light to dark blue and back again and you’re asking if you should match the hues of the two yarns or “random” as in one yarn might be going to the lighter blue before the other?

Even if that’s not what you’re asking, (lol) you can do up a little swatch containing the styles you’re trying to decide between to help you.

I’ll bet it would look fine either way and sound like it would much less troublesome to do it “randomly” or start with the colors close and if they get "off so what. I’ve never knitted 2 strands of varigated yarn sideways before so take it for what it’s worth.

A small swatch may not give you an idea how it looks when you’re going to CO 100 sts. Just go for the random look.

Hi Marni!
Thanks for interpreting exactly what I meant to say!! I think it would be fine either way as wel but wanted to check in to see if anyone had already been there done that. Sometimes I start to knit and it takes me a foot or more to decide I hate it- lol. I once knitted an afghan with a verigated Red Heart and it came out splotchy instead of evenly distributed colors. I’ve been a little leary of yarns like that ever since.,
Thanks for the input!

Thanks Suzeeq,
Since it’s for a 7 year old I know he won’t be too critical but I hate to keep knitting when it’s going wrong wrong wrong-lol!
Thanks again,

After a while it won’t matter if you started off with the same hue. Working with 2 strands seems to always use more of one or the other skein (tension or wrap) and throws it off.