Knitting with Two Colours

Hi: I’m going to try to make those phentex checkerboard slippers. I’m not sure how to knit with the two colours. Do I just carry the second colour along across the back as I go picking it up when I need it? Also, how do I cast on with two colours?

Check out the vid ‘How to knit with 2 colors at a time’ in the Advanced Techniques section.


:thumbsup: You can check out Amy’svideo like cam suggested and also if you can (found out a while back that not all can view this video) check thisvideo out…it really does help if you can learn to knit with both hands…when you catch/weave your yarn I find it really does help to do this every 3rd st of the same color… I know some say 4 is ok but 3 seems to work best for me…

Are thesethe slippers you will be making? You would CO with one of your colors…for most color work you would co with just your MC…:thumbsup:

Yes those are the slippers I am making. I am having two problems:

  1. How do I carry the yarn when I am working on the wrong side? In order to knit, my yarn is to the back but I need to carry it along the front - ARRGGG.
  2. My first (or last as the case may be) “column” is not as thick as the other side because I am not carrying any yarn along at that point.
    This teaching myself to knit is becoming a futile effort!!!