Knitting with two colours in one row... Help!

I recently found a beautiful afghan from bernat, but I had to buy the book to see the pattern. I bought the design only to realize that I had to knit with two colours in one row, which I have never done before. Here is an example of the pattern:

1st row: with b, k7. *with c, k1. With b,k1. Rep from * to last 8 sts. With c k1. With b k7.

Most of the pattern is straight forward. I’m just not sure how to start, knit and end these types of rows. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

You carry the unused yarn across the back of the sts you’re doing with the other color. Keep them loose, let them ‘float’ behind the others.

This videowill show you an example of carrying two colors in a manner similar to your pattern. If you’re going the carry yarn over 7sts it may help to catch the yarn after the thrid st or so just so you avoid a very long float that may catch on things and get pulled out.

Ok but when I start this row do I add the 2nd colour in when I need it or at the beginning? How would I do that?

Just use the 2nd color on the first stitch you need it, the k1. Leave a tail so you can weave it in later.