Knitting with two colors - dishcloth

Hello everyone I am new and need some help. I am a beginner and am becoming quite the little dishcloth factory! lol!

Anyways, I want to try to make the Breast Cancer Awareness Dishcloth (pattern
For a few friends that I do the Race for the Cure with. This would be my first attempt at something with two colors.

Do I just start knitting with the new color? I watched the video on this site but am still confused.

Sorry if this is a silly question, but I want to make sure this isn’t above my skill level before I attempt to make these.


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caolml said:

Do I just start knitting with the new color?

Yes. Good luck and Welcome :waving: Oh and it’s not a silly question.

And take care when you’re switching colors … make sure the new color yarn is over the old color to prevent any gaps. And watch your tension too. If your tension is too tight, the piece will pucker; if it’s too loose, you’ll get gaps. :wink:

What you’re actually going to be doing is Intarsia, and the thing that really made Intarsia click with me was when I read “when you start a different color, make sure you bring the yarn up under the color you were just using.” This causes the yarn you are switching from to be caught in the next stitch, and that prevents holes in your work where you are switching colors. It’s really quite simple & elegant once you get the hang of it. You’ll have short vertical stitches of color on the back side of your work, and that’s how you’ll know it’s working out OK!!

Good luck!