Knitting with two balls for a shawl--how to do?

Hey all. I recently purchased some beautiful handdyed handspun to make a shawl for my girlfriend. The pattern is that really basic dishcloth stitch, triangular shawl one: K1, YO, K to end and repeat. I recently made myself the same shaw out of Lorna’s laces and had no problem. The stitch is so simple that it really shows off color well.

But I really want to make sure that the color won’t pool, or look weird when I switch to a new skein–this yarn doesn’t have dyelots, I don’t think. My Lorna’s shawl did pool some, but it ended up being an effect I liked. In case that is not true for the yarn I just bought:

How exactly would you suggest I knit from two balls on a garment where both sides are visible? I really don’t want to weave in 500 million ends; is there a way to do it that won’t involve breaking yarn every row? I’m concerned that carrying the extra yarn up (like you do for hats) will not look good.

This is a dilemma. Please advise, and thanks in advance! Any experience in this vein is greatly appreciated!

PS: There’s really no way to know how it’ll pool (or not) other than just going for it, is there. :frowning:

I think carrying the yarn up is the best way to go, really. Now regarding pooling: it isn’t necessarily a bad look! I think it’s a matter of taste more than anything, at least with some projects. And you’re right, you won’t really know about the pooling until you start knitting.

You’re really only carrying the yarn up two rows at a time, so I don’t think it would make a big impact. Knit with one ball across and back, and then knit with the other across and back.