Knitting with thick & thin yarns

So what do folks like doing with their scrumptuous thick & thin yarns?
Pictures would be great to see!!

I’m knitting a summer pullover sweater called Sunset Pullover in KnitPicks Vacation yarn. Hopefully, this sweater will come in handy at the beach or cool evenings/mornings. The lighter blue cotton part of the yarn is so soft that it feels like super soft worn denim. The darker blue part is foamy/squishy.

So basically, I’m making a sweatshirt! :lol:

I’m making the same sweater, but I’m using Knit Picks Get Away in the color Jeans. I’m not really sure if I like the color too much, but the yarn is very soft.

I did thisscarf with Ada thick and thin from dale of norway.

That scarf is lovely! love the texture :thumbsup:

Thank you…I really liked it too. Scarves are a great and easy way to use thick and thin yarn.

I only used thick & thin yarn once, when I was first learning to knit.

I used “Hip Hop” by Berroco, and made this hat:

I have some very slubby very thick and thin yarn that I love so much I only use little bits of it in different projects so I’ll see it everywhere! Here’s how I used it in my husband’s vest: (it’s the white yarn)

O my god! :inlove:
look at those gorgeous projects. The hat & the sweater just blew me away.
Too bad the day only has 24 hours - I SO want to make something with thick & thin!

Victoise, this is georgeous!! :inlove:

Thanks ekg! Yeah, for my first vest it turned out scrumptious and he loves it!