Knitting with sock yarn... other than socks?

So far, I’ve only knitting using worsed weight yarns. I was in Michael’s yesterday, and they’ve got some really pretty sock yarn on clearance. Really, really pretty. I really want to buy it, but I really have zero desire to knit socks LOL

So, can you use sock yarn to knit anything besides socks?

Of course you can! Anything that calls for a fingering weight yarn should work.

Here’s an example:

oh, awesome! Thanks! I didn’t know what made sock yarn, sock yarn… I figured there was something special about it, other than just the weight and that some of them make pretty stripes :slight_smile:

I don’t know what I’m going to make with it, but I’m totally buying some today!

I love sock yarn too. After knitting up half a dozen pairs last year, I have some ends left over. I plan to knit little purses from it, for my 4-year old grand-daughter. It would also make cute beanie hats.

You can make hats, scarves, shawls, neckwarmers with it. Either single or double stranded. I’ve seen the patterned sock yarn knit doubled and it makes a nice tweedy effect.

Here’s another example:
I plan on making this eventually. :smiley:

Wool sock yarn has two special characteristics:
it’s usually machine washable (because socks get washed a lot)
and it usually has a small percentage of nylon mixed into the wool
for extra strength.

I see you’re on Rav… click on patterns/advanced search then narrow the choices down by selecting yarn and put in fingering weight. You’ll see tons of patterns. :thumbsup:

I’ve used sock yarn for a baby hat, and also christmas ornaments. It’s fun.

I actually saw someone making a baby blanket with it. It would take a while though.

Good Morning Ladies,
I actually made several baby sweaters using Sockotta, a sock yarn by The Plymouth Company. They offer sock yarn that makes up into different prints. Using this yarn gives the item you are knitting a very interesting look and this yarn is terrific!
I have also used it for scarves…a fan & feather pattern makes up great! Good Luck with your soc yarn projects.:slight_smile:

Which yarn was on sale?

I don’t mean what I am about to say to be dismissive in any way of what everyone else has already said, but…

If you would like to make a larger project in a lighter gauge yarn, I really wouldn’t go with sock yarn because you get very little yardage for the money. I would buy the laceweight instead. You can often find 1000 yard skeins in variagated colors. Fewer knots/joins in your larger project.

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? IMHO, yes.

Ah but lace weight is even finer than sock yarn and it takes more stitches per inch therefore more yarn to get the same size project. That said I can get a pair of socks from one 50g skein of lace weight and only one sock from 50g skein of fingering or sock weight. Someday I will break down and make a tee shirt or sweater from lace weight just because I think I would wear it more than a heavier one.

Sock yarns make really pretty shawls. I have used it in solid colors for a shawl, not the self-striping.

I wish they sold more sock yarn in variegated colors- at least at Michaels and Honny Lobby.